Objects and Functions

The object of the United India Agro Co-Operative Society Limited shall be to unite, organize develop the co-operative societies engaged in procurement, processing, retailing, construction, mining related and akin activities; and to make them self reliant by promoting their economic, social and cultural interests by conduction its affairs in professional, democratic and autonomous manner through self help and mutual cooperation through its indulgence/interventions and active research in professionalizing procurement/processing/retailing/ marketing and or trading of agriculture produce, fruits & vegetables, fishery, dairy products animal husbandry production/procurement/marketing of grain seeds and animal feeds and will engage itself directly through its members produce/trade farm inputs along with manufacture/supply/distribution of agriculture machinery of fertilizer, bio-fertilizer, vermin compost, organic fertilizer and other agriculture related inputs/outputs their storage. transportation and marketing, chain of retail stores to cater the requirements of rural and urban community under one roof ,and strive for better market prices of farmers/consumers through price support/market interventions, setting up chain of test labs provide support to the members through its network all information related to their business including weather related information to farmers provide undertake develop access to mandis and market places by setting up transportation network and own transport and act as an agent for providing goods and services of all kinds of farmers /consumers and to undertake such other activities which are conducive and incidental there to.

Main Objectives

To organize, promote and develop marketing, processing and storage of agricultural, horticultural and forest produce. distribution of agricultural machinery, implements and other inputs, undertake interstate trade, wholesale or retail as the case may be and to act and assist for technical advice in agricultural production for the promotion and the working of its members and cooperative marketing, processing and supply in India